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The wait may almost be over for Artwork’s “Let go of my acid”

Arthur Smith, more commonly known as Artwork, is a must-know across the board in the electronic music world. A constant in the scene and covering a range of genres, from his techno alias Grain to making up one-third of dubstep collective Magnetic Man, Artwork has an unfathomable amount of musical experience under his belt.

Artwork has also kept up what is arguably the longest wait for a release any fan has had to endure. "Let go of my acid" - a techno-acid mash up with a wicked vocal sample - has been making the rounds on social media since 2014. Yes 2014 - you didn't misread that.

The track began to appear in groups dedicated to finding names of unreleased songs and in July 2014, a video appeared on YouTube at Space Sunday's in Ibiza, with the track being played out by Dusky with a request for a Track ID. Almost 3 years after being periodically supported in live sets, boiler rooms & essential mixes by the likes of Skream, Jackmaster, Heidi and Disclosure, the frenzy surrounding "Let go of my acid" has finally come to its peak.

On Monday 20th February 2017, fans were finally treated to a video which confirmed that the release was definitely in the pipeline. Showing Artwork playing a few seconds of a test pressing vinyl, social media again went into an uproar and the video has been viewed over 30,000 times. With Jackmaster once telling a fan it wouldn't see a release until Artwork had finished a B-side, we can only be hopeful that this is now the case. 

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