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RIP Bromance: Brodinski's label dismantles after five years

As of February 9th, Bromance Records is no more. The record label had come into fruition back in 2011, where it was founded by Louis Roge, a.k.a Brodinski, and Manu Barron. Bromance brought change to the electronic dance music scene by bringing forward up-and-comers and new artists. Club Cheval, Monsieur Monsieur, Gesaffelstein, LOUISAHHH!!!, among others, all have Bromance to thank for kick-starting their careers.

In an official statement from Manu Barron, he states the reason for the dismantling:

"We danced to the sound of said unreconcilable musical families – rap and electronic music – and God knows it already was a mad gamble as only a few of those alliances have worked in the past."

Barron also says that the label continued to stay together because of their desire to celebrate music and believed the label was diversified and desired. However, the immense diversity was the reason for the label's dismantling. The visions of each artist did not coincide with the label's overall view and, as Barron states, could not be carried on via Facetime or Skype.

This dismantling is definitely unexpected and comes as a shock to fans of the label. Bromance Records fused rap and electronic music and was a breath of fresh air for music lovers. The innovation will certainly be missed.

Brodinski and creative director Guillame Berg have released a "5 Years of Bromance Records" mix to commemorate the label's legacy and encompasses all of the artists that crossed Bromance's timeline. You can hear the mix (see below), as well as read Manu Barron's official statement, via Brodinski's Facebook.



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