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Disclosure to take a time out from music

In 2017, we know Disclosure as the UK duo who reinvigorated house music's creativity in an age when homogenized electro was clogging our release inbox. And now, in a current era influenced by their garage and soul/R&B-inspired production has influenced seemingly the rest of the industry, it's even harder to imagine that they started their journey over seven years ago in 2010. They were 18 and 15 respectively, and we've watch the hype around their music and performances swell through 2012's "Latch" with the debut of Sam SmithSettle, "Bang That" and 2015's Caracal. Well, today, the guys announced another big move in their career - a break. Growing their careers and sound throughout their teenage years, today they announced on Twitter a hiatus of sorts. The guys will continue to play special, specific shows in 2017, but mostly, are looking to take some much needed rest. 

Read their letter to fans - full of gratitude - below.

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