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Finally, Here One is available for preorder

Earlier this year, Doppler Labs announced its latest innovation: Here Active Listening. Word of the product immediately caught like wildfire around the internet, with music fans and tech fans alike trying to get their hands on a pair of the listening devices. Recently, the concept for Here Active Listening has evolved to become the even more impressive "computer in your ear," called Here One. The first release of the new product, boasts an all-in-one wireless listening experience: two wireless ear buds, connected to an app on your phone, and totally new listening and noise filtering technology. With the Here One, you could reduce noise, and properly adjust for listening to speech, chat with Siri, Google, music streaming, listening to music while running, or just to maximize a phone call. Quite an evolution from the equalizing Bluetooth audio of Here Active Listening.

Since the concept's announcement, early adapters have reviewed Here's product and it's won all sorts of awards by SXSW, Fast Company and TIME, and raised funding of $50 million dollars. Yet for so long, that still meant that only 10,000 people had the product. Now they've been able to up the ante, catch up to that demand with production, and the Here One will officially be available for preorder in the European Union (€299.99 EUR/ £249.99 GBP), Canada ($299.99 USD), Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland (€299.99 EUR), ready to ship to retailers in November. Now, the regular consumer can enjoy the new features of the Here One, and you can preorder in on the Here website.


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