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BitTorrent launches The Discovery Fund for emerging artists

Last December, music distribution platform BitTorrent polled some of its users on the current landscape of creative development and outreach. What they found is that "59% of artists said getting their work discovered is the biggest challenge they face in their own career, followed by fan outreach.  Digital distribution lives and dies by discovery, which often leaves fresh stories untold."

Today, BitTorrent announced the launch of a new project in response to the findings of that very study, resulting The Discovery Fund. A project that is meant to demonstrate BitTorrent's commitment to creativity and the arts community, it is a grant fund for emerging artists in art, music and film.

To launch the project, BitTorrent is aiming to partner with 25 creators this year to provide $2500-100,000 toward marketing outreach and distribution. Those interested can start their applications here.

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