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Kanye West passes Michael Jackson with Top 40 hit tally

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After shaking up the music industry with the modernly transparent release of his ever-changing Life Of Pablo, rap superstar Kanye West will see 2016 as a year not just where he caused his usual controversy, but one in which he broke records.

Michael Jackson has been on an infamous list for years now: having the most singles reach the coveted Billboard Top 40 charts – that is, until now. As Kanye and Schoolboy Q’s “That Part” jumped to number 40 today on that very chart, Kanye surpassed the King of Pop with his number of Top 40 appearances. 

Check the full record list below to see where Kanye might jump to next.

Number of Top 40 Hits:

80 — Elvis Presley
69 — Lil Wayne
57 — Elton John
53 — Drake
46 — Stevie Wonder
45— Jay Z
44 — James Brown
42 — Chris Brown
41 — Marvin Gaye
40 — Kanye West


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