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Holy Ship! Announces 2017 Lineups

If you're a music fan and you have yet to experience the wonder of Holy Ship!... now's the time.  From the people that bring you HARD Events (along with Cloud 9 Adventures, and The Bowery), Holy Ship! returns yet again with a new cruise ship, and a brand new lineup.  From January 6-10, music lovers can party like never before on a luxurious cruise ship with Holy Ship! 8.0, and for those that can't make the January 6-10 dates, Holy Ship! 9.0 has them covered from January 10-14.  

The best festival on water just recently announced the line ups for Holy Ship 8.0 and 9.0, and as per usual, they are fabulous. Of course, a lot of the big names are accounted for, such as DJ Snake, Tchami, Marshmello, etc.  On first glance, the 8.0 lineup appears to be significantly stronger than 9.0... but there are some heavy-hitters on the latter lineup as well, especially if you're into house music. 

Oh. Wait a second... I just realized, those dates are successive, aren't they? Yeah... it seems that #shipfam can now go back-to-back for THIRTEEN DAYS of Holy Ship insanity.  I mean, that's a lot of insanity.  I can only imagine the state one might be in, after partying for 13 days straight...  And that state is called AWESOME. 

You can see the full lineups, dates, and links to the official site below.  

Holy Ship 2017

















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