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Learn music production from the pros with the new and improved FaderPro

Denver-based music production education startup FaderPro has been helping aspiring musicians turn pro since 2010. But this fall, the company will ramp up it's online learning platform and offer a suite of new classes thanks to a new round of investment.  

FaderPro was launched by producers-to-the-stars Steven Lee and Vincent Di Pasquale to provide "the rapidly growing breed of aspiring musicians and producers access to an engaging and interactive virtual in-studio learning experience." Now FaderPro has partnered with more producers like Roger Sanchez and Funkagenda, industry players like former president of Beatport Lloyd Star and artists like Macy Gray to teach a la carte courses on production, mixing and mastering and the music business.  In addition, an exclusive partnership between FadePro and Mark Knight's Toolroom label will provide users with access to Toolroom Academy's online programming.

New content includes a vocal production course featuring Macy Gray, a class titled, "You just finished your record – now what?" and tons mores.

Here's more on FaderPro:

With a curriculum that’s derived from the proven success of the artists they work with - rather than from the mechanical layout of user manuals - their courses bring the art of production to life in vivid color. The platform offers 24/7, on-demand access to content, allowing students to work through the ‘a la carte’ courses at a pace that suits them and in any order - with a huge cost saving compared to traditional schools. It’s the perfect option for those who want to invest in their art, rather than sifting through endless low-quality YouTube tutorials with no cohesion or structure.


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