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Eric Prydz Continues Exploring Around North America

Eric Prydz is an undeniably talented producer whose keeps himself involved in the electronic scene with a surplus of new music every year. Already during this past summer the Swedish musician released two volumes under his alter ego Pyrda. Celebrating 10 successful years of Pryda Recordings, he's made 2015 one of his most impressive years yet with a bountiful amount of new work on multiple records.

If you haven't had the opportunity to hear Eric Prydz live, then make sure he's next up on your bucket list of DJs to see live. The experience that he's gained from countless nights of touring around the world makes him an impressionable act to say the least. Keep an eye out for the artist coming somewhere close to you soon in Canada and the United States.     

Don't miss the master DJ on his upcoming tour dates: 

London, ON - London Music Hall - Oct. 23
Montreal, QB - New City Gas - Oct. 24
Los Angeles, CA - Escapade Day 1 - Oct. 30
New Orleans, LA - City Park - Nov. 1
Tinker Field, OR - EDC Orlando - Nov. 6
Miami, FL - Space - Nov. 7


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