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Parola Breaks Down the Barriers of Sound [News]

While there are an app a dozen (or more like by the thousands) made for our on-the-go music world, Parola is a new app that has changed the game on this years International Music Day. 

It's a collaborative music app that helps artists and music lovers discover, create, and remix tracks. With a free-for-all system that allows all tracks on the app be remixed, as well as a built in system that helps budding producers sidestep expensive electronic instruments and DAWS, this is a must-experience app for those who want to create music on the go. 


It's features include - 

  • Studio­like sound: r​ecord and remix songs using only your mobile device and no expensive equipment needed. ​Parola’s ​cloudbase studio does all the work for you, so that you can focus on the music.
  • Remix tracks: E​very song in the Parola catalog can be remixed. Discover the separate multi­tracks within each song and be inspired to create your own music.
  • Collaboration without limits: ​Create music with other users across the globe in near real­time. Invite other musicians to record with you, publish your music for the world to discover, and get recognition for your musical creations.
  • Discover new talent: ​Give other users feedback on their work and give recognition to talent by upvoting your favorite songs with Parola’s “groovy” button.

For more information, check out their main page, and to download the app, get it via the App Store

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