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Further Future festival releases inaugural recap video [Video]

Further Future first annual festival has come and gone for which you can read our full review for HERE. If there were any issues with the festival, overall the experience was magical and all of this was captured and put on display in Further Futures just released recap video which you can peep below. And, keep a look out for this festival next year because it's only going to get better and will quickly move up the ranks to become one of the must experience festivals of the season. 

Further Future reveals a new after-story VIDEO for its inaugural desert festival which has drawn global praise, including being recentlyrecognized by Las Vegas Weekly as Las Vegas’ ‘Best Music Festival’ of 2015. Showcasing beautiful highlights from the event and set to music from Desert Sound Colony’s forthcoming album, the video invites creative ambassadors and out-of-the-box thinkers to join in reflecting on the awe-inspiring possibilities of beauty, adventure, and invention in the experiential space beyond festivals.



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