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Innervisions x Science - Party inside Toronto's Science Centre for the first time in over 15 years [Contest]

This Friday in Toronto, the Ontario Science Centre will become the site of the masterfully programmed Innervisions showcase, marking the return from a 15 year hiatus from the venue, and EARMILK has two tickets to give a lucky winner. What might seem like a strange place to host a techno party - the Science Centre was designed in 1969 by celebrated modern architects Moriyama & Teshima and represented perfectly the Brutalist architecture of the time - actually has some historical significance in the city's nightlife scene. Back in the 90's the rave epidemic was hitting Toronto but with everything taking place illegally or in warehouses it still hadn't quite hit the mainstream.


Enter the Ontario Science Centre, available for overnight rental with separate rooms to make for an ideal venue to accommodate the thousands of attendees. In 1993, Dr. Trance's Nitrous promotion company brought the city Atlantis, an all night affair with open exhibits at the Science Centre and importantly, an event you might actually tell your parents you were going to since it was at a respected institutional facility. That party was an introduction for many Torontonians to raves and featured DJs like Richie Rich (Richie Hawtin). In 1997, looking to bring back the excitement from a few years prior, Citrus debuted.


Organized by local promoter DJ Citrus, the multi room massive featured everyone from Flipside to Kenny Glasgow, and while the second year's event may have ended prematurely due to a fire alarm, those parties from 1997 to 1999 cemented the Science Centre as a landmark in the city's nightlife. It provided a legal venue to house the influx of dance music enthusiasts from around the world as Toronto had by then made its name in the rave community. Unfortunately, by the end of the millennium the city was cracking down on any large electronic music event and thus put an end to the series of parties at the Ontario Science Centre.


Until now. The world renowned Innervisions crew (rightly so - the label's owners are arguably the biggest DJs in the underground right now), are bringing their showcase to the Ontario Science Centre on Friday July 24th for a night of techno bliss. With Dixon & Ame supported by Solar and a second room featuring J. Phlip and some of Toronto's top locals including Jonathan Rosa, the lineup is fit for the legendary location. Familiarize yourself with some of the artists below and make sure to check out our contest to win a pair of tickets to this Friday's event! To enter, simply complete ANY ONE of the entry options (doing multiple will increase your chances).

Win 2 tickets to Innervisions at the Ontario Science Centre

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