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Hardwell announces his United We Are Foundation

There's nothing like giving back and using your fame for a good cause, and that's what superstar DJ Hardwell has set out to do. This coming December, Hardwell will return to Mumbai, India to host an exclusive launch show and begin a new phase of his career, by launching his new charity project that will aim to provide education for children in India, and ultimately beyond. In partnership with Ana Agency, the pair are creating the United We Are Foundation, as a way to ‘give something back’ to the children of the world. Anna Agency CEO Anna Knaup says “is a globally ambitious endeavor to educate young children in different communities around the world”. 

In addition, the show will attempt to break a new Guinness World Record for the "World's Biggest Guest List" with Hardwell opening up his own personal guest list, so fans can attend the concert for free. Hardwell will also forego his personal check here, and instead put all the profits earned right into a ‘magic bus’ program that will provide educational resources. Now isn't this sweet?

Registration for the event and more information can be found over on the event site here.



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