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Check out Kap Slap's 30-minute documentary "Heard But Not Seen"

There is a lot that goes into putting on a large scale electronic show. Doug Bogan and Mike Koziel traveled around the country to find out exactly what it takes. While they were conducting their research, they got the chance to meet with booking agents, sound designers, set/visual designers, concert promoters, blog owners, and electronic artists. The duo filmed their exploits and constructed the behind-the-scenes documentary Heard But Not Seen.

Bogan and Koziel wanted to show music fans how much time and effort goes into putting on the shows they love. Heard But Not Seen, truly captures the insides perspective of the live EDM industry. In the Documentary you will see interviews with Kap Slap and his manager, producer Tom McPhillips, and live footage of well known EDM artists. You can watch the documentary in its entirety below.



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