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Coachella, Lollapalooza ban selfie sticks

In 2015, events are going the way that Rome's Colosseum other arenas and tourist attractions around the world and ban the year's most annoying (yet most giftable) gadget: the selfie stick. Though you may have seen iPads and phones on selfie sticks all over the live feed broadcasted from Miami's Ultra Music Festival this past weekend, you won't see the same at Coachella, who prohibits "Selfie sticks / Narcisists"and Lollapalooza who has GoPro attachments like sticks, selfie sticks & monopods" listed as no-go's for their weekend-long shows in the coming months. Though they are seen as an annoyance to concert goers and a way to get unauthorized videos of performances, we will see what other events follow suit in this ban. Check out the festival's sites below for further information on other prohibited items.



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