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Beatport announces mobile app with unlimited streaming

The leading release platform in the dance music industry, Beatport, made some big announcements today about its future offerings to users. After recently relaunching as Beatport Pro, Beatport will now be more than just a place to purchase music from, but will include up to date show listings, live video streaming, act as a news source and approach streaming in a new way as well. Users will be able to stream the Beatport Top 100 (as well as all other charts and playlists on the site), stream anything they've "hearted" on the Beatport site, be able to favorite DJs and live events via Beatport Live, and look at shows coming to their area and buy tickets via Beatport Shows. On the new offerings, President and COO of SFX, Beatport's parent company:

“The evolutionof Beatport involves far more than just streaming music. We’ve built the definitive home of electronic music in all forms and formats, including festivals and events, streaming, music downloads and news and information available on web and mobile.”

Not only will Beatport's site be updated with these features, but Beatport will offer corresponding mobile apps via IOS and Android devices.



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