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Lerosa mixes Notsosilent's 25th episode

Leopoldo Rosa, aka Lerosa, has put together Notsosilent's 25th episode made up of an all-vinyl selection. From techno to house and all else lying in-between the spectrum, this hour long journey carries a delectable narrative for any electronic music connoisseur. 


Here's what Lerosa,  long-time Dublin-based artist and beloved Ostgut Ton affiliate, had to say about the recording:

”It's all vinyl recorded directly to a chrome TDK SA-X on a very old Toshiba deck player I bought for 20 euro in Dublin... I'm not sure why I started using tapes to record mixes again but I have been playing back old mixes and albums I had on cassette for a while and I quite liked the different quality of the recorded audio. As I grew up listening to house and techno off mixed tapes, often recorded directly from the radio I have come to the conclusion that having grown to love this music listening to it via vinyl and tapes, the media is just as important as the music itself to my ears, not better, not worse, it simply sounds right to my ears as that's how I have come to appreciate this music."

Get ready for a joyride with Lerosa, and be sure to download via iTunes for free!



Dance · House · Techno


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