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Introducing the Tantra Mod by Chillum Vapor [Giveaway Coming Soon]

What better way to start the year than to quit smoking? If you are still struggling with tobacco here is one great reason to quit and kick start your new year resolution: The Tantra Mod brought to you by Chillum Vapor and EARMILK. The Vaping trend is more than a way of life, it also has some healthier benefits when compared to Smoking. It doesn't stiffen the arteries, has no effect on the oxygenation of the heart, they are effective in stopping smoking / inhibiting relapse, and second-hand exposure to vapor has no Health Risks.

In a few weeks, we will be having a give away for these amazing pieces of hardware. They will be custom branded with EARMILK logo. So now you can reach for this vape after a night of dancing a drinking when you get that inevitable urge to smoke something, anything. Now you'll feel better about the decision.

Simply put Vaping is a revolution. Whether you're an avid smoker, a Vape trick enthusiast, or you simply want to get involved with this culture we have got you covered with a Custom Ear Milk edition of The Trantra Mod by Chillum Vapor that is coming soon. Here we gain an inside look into the manufacturing process of the Trantra Mod. 




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