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Road to Rhondapolis NYE 2015

Christmas is just a few hours away, but that's not the only thing causing many Angelenos this season to perk up with joy. Merely a week away is one of Los Angeles' most anticipated New Years Eve parties happening in the heart of the city at The Standard hotel. Now, we're not talking about renting out a floor, or just a fancy rooftop party at one of the most reputable party locations the city has to offer, we mean that the people at Rhonda International have gone out of their way to reserve the entire hotel in order to appropriate their much anticipated Rhondapolis NYE 2015 event. Just the way it did last New Year's Eve, this 13 floor, over the top extravagant party of anything-goes party enthusiasts has people carefully choosing out flashy outfits, plush make up, and showy accessories that'll let anyone driving in Downtown LA point out a citizen of Rhondapolis with ease. 

With the stellar line up, open bar, and option to even buy your ticket with an option to include a hotel room there's really no reason to miss out this year. Just thinking about all the lovely faces and dance spaces makes me anticipate this event day by day, and I can't wait to square off on the dance floor myself. To get you hyped up for the event, the people over at Rhonda International have even set us up with an exclusive mix by Rhondapolis artist, Wolfram, to get your gears going for the event with glossy sounds designated to make your body move. Take an hour to listen to this podcast and perhaps start brainstorming your outfit theme for the night of. Happy holidays!



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