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Cirez D's full music library now available to stream

While Eric Prydz has started officially releasing many more tracks, moving away from the ID-led rolodex of music he boasted for years, his Cirez D alter ego is still able to fill the mysterious void that was left. With much fewer releases all under the deeper, darker persona, Prydz has resurrected his techno-fed identity in recent live performances. And this week, the full Cirez D music library is now available to stream via Spotify.  Check out the full catalog listing below, and stream it HERE.

Cirez D Control Freak / Hoodpecker

Cirez D Knockout / Lost Love

Cirez D Control Freak (Remixes)

Cirez D Re-Match / B-Boy

Cirez D Punch Drunk / Copyrat

Cirez D Mouseville Theme / Knockout (Remixes)

Cirez D Horizon / Tigerstyle

Cirez D Teaser (Remixes)

Cirez D Stockholm Marathon / The Journey

Cirez D The Tunnel / Raptor

Cirez D On Off / Fast Forward

Cirez D Glow / On Off (Sebastien Leger Remix)

Cirez D Bauerpost / Glow (In The Dark Dub)

Cirez D Exit / The Tumble

Cirez D Full Stop

Cirez D Mokba

Cirez D Thunderstuck / Drums In The Deep

Cirez D & Acki Kokotos Sirtos Madness / Tomorrow

Cirez D Ruby

Dance · Progressive · Techno


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