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Ambiq set to re-release self-titled album and a remix compilation

Ambiq is the self-proclaimed dark organic ambient  and spontaneous project by Max Loderbauer, Claudio Puntin, and Samuel Rohrer aimed at experimenting with jazzy-fuzed electronic music for those into the genre's more unconventional music. Releasing their self-titled LP earlier this year in February, the trio now decide to relaunch the LP one year later (February 2015) and they have also included a remix compilation that will follow up in March 2015. Reasons for the re-release still remain unclear on this side, but it really doesn't matter since the music is such a breath of fresh air.

The remix compilation will feature Loderbauer's long time friend Ricardo Villalobos, who Loderbauer teamed up with in 2011 to release Re:ECM -- another jazz/experimental project that was highly regarded in the music community at the time of its initial release. Aside from Villalobos adding his own "stripped down and hypnotic" rendition of "Tund", per press release, Ostgut Ton's own Tobias. will also be featured remixing "Toxic Underground", giving the track a more industrial palette of sound.

We'll be sure to keep you updated as more information flows in.



01. Erdkern

02. Tund

03.Touching The Present

04. Tragus

05. Tangoreceptor

06. Toxic Underground

07. No Body Language

08. Timone

09. Loka

10. Talion

11. Tarantula




Ambient · Electronic · Experimental


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