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Watch DJ Rashad make a beat in 10 minutes

Footage has emerged of the late DJ Rashad working on music in the studio. The clip is part of a documentary created by Tim and Barry called I'm Tryna Tell Ya. The film also contains footage of DJ Spinn, DJ Manny, Traxman and many others. While working on their documentary in Chicago, Tim and Barry filmed a clip for their "Beat This" series with DJ Rashad. "Beat This" challenges producers and DJs to create a beat in 10 minutes or less. The footage was shot in 2012.

DJ Rashad was known as one of the founding fathers of the footwork movement in Chicago. Sadly, he passed away earlier this year from a drug overdose. For those who love DJ Rashad and for others who aren't as familiar with his music, check out the clip below of him constructing one of his signature style beats. It's definitely worth watching. 



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