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Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury get us obsessed with EX MACHINA

It's possible to be obsessed with a sci-fi teaser trailer, and watch it over and over because there's just something about the unknown. And this trailer (with the accompanying music) is all about that, as the protagonist stands in a full glass window in one shot and wonders about the A.I. being he is involved with. Of course it is not clear in what way, those details will come soon, it is clear in the one line "I was brought here to test you," that we will see it all. 

Founding member of 90's alt-electronic group Portishead Geoff Barrow and film composer Ben Salisbury have teamed up to score new film EX MACHINA, a directorial debut from writer Alex Garland. There are some serious credentials here, as Garland was the writer behind such thriller classics as "The Beach," and "28 Days Later," Barrow owns UK label Invada Records, and Salisbury has over 200 TV and film soundtrack nods (involving names such as Beyonce and the infamous David Attenborough.) 

On the collaboration Barrow said, It's been great for Ben and me to be working with [Director] Alex Garland again, and hopefully we have written the kind of score an intense sci-fi thriller like this needs" And with that tasteful yet ahead of the curve element that these composers are known for, both the audience and listeners are sure to get pulled into the small portion of the world contained in this trailer. Watch out it here and look out for the movie and soundtrack to be released soon. 

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