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J Viewz wants to hear the rythm of your heart in his mind-blowing new project

New York artist J Viewz takes the term musical artist to a whole new definition. Much like viral musicians OK GO, J Viewz ups the ante in his productions with a unique, artistic, and bloody brilliant spin. J Viewz first came to our attention when he remixed Massive Attack’s hit “Teardrops” only using vegetables. Yes, you heard that right VEGETABELES. Watch below to see the hellacious healthy madness.

His latest ingenious endeavor is a collaborative album called The DNA Project. He wants you to be at the forefront of the creative process of the conception of the album. In his words, “It’s an album with a DNA that you can access.” This project is completely crowd funded through Kickstarter and is “gonna be as big as the budget we are able to raise for it.”

His first glimpse into The DNA Project utilizes heartbeats to determine the tempo at which the song is played, a flexible bpm. The tempo of the track can be changed according to the changes of your heart. If your heart beats slower, the track plays slower, if your heart beats faster, the track beats faster. Your heartbeat will be incorporated into the song and will be uploaded to the DNA Projects website for you to share and others to hear the rhythm of your heart. Music is cerebral, emotional, physical, passionate, and invigorating and now J Viewz is capturing every bit of that emotion in an interactive fashion like you’ve never experienced. If you have a heart (pun intended) check out the kickstarter page and follow this fascinating project.



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