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Figure announces TERRORVISION Tour with a special twist

It's finally that time of year again; no, I'm not referring to the start of the school year. Dubstep musician and chaotic composer Figure has released recent news about his annual Monsters Volume Series and information on his upcoming TerrorVision Tour. Figure's creative mind knows no limits when it comes to pushing his own style further, which is why his upcoming tour should have you on the edge of your seat. If my words don't do the trick then watch below to see his promotional video.  

Josh Gard, formally known as Figure, has given his own statement explaining his excitement and enthusiasm for this new project.

"Terrorvision has been a concept I've been putting together for some time now, something I thought would go really well with my annual Monsters series.

I wanted to create the ability to compile tons of custom edited clips the same way I have compiled tons of music for my sets over the years. I'm a horror buff and I've amassed an extensive collection of classic shock theatre and obscure films which is definitely an inspiration for the visual direction on this tour. 

Through partnering with Rane/Serato and using their hardware I now have the ability to map these custom visuals to my music on the fly, adding a brand new element to my live show. With Terrorvision it's another dimension of my music. An intense visual backdrop giving my fans a window into where i draw inspiration; my vision as a producer, coming together on stage where the visuals brings it all to life."

The TerrorVision experience is sure to shock and startle all audiences across America.  The horrors brewed from the imaginations of directors like Rob Zombie, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick will plague the visualizers to come. You can see Figure's upcoming tour dates listed below.  Tickets will be avaiable from the TerrorVision Website on September 12.  

Figure Terror Vision Tour Poster 1

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