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Eric Prydz announces exciting details behind EPIC 3.0 at Madison Square Garden

The news of Eric Prydz hitting NYC for his EPIC 3.0 performance was big news, and performing at Madison Square Garden for the September 27th gig was even bigger news for the producer and performer. Well today, he's announced that after listening to fan's feedback and love for his improvisational Eric Prydz/Cirez D live sets, he will be taking the stage for 3 full hours for a true live DJ performance experience, taking it back to what made many fall in love with DJ shows in the first place. In his own words: "I have decided to play an extended 3 hour set - it will be totally live, unlike most other big production shows. No pressing play, no pre-synch. I want you all to feel part of this show, I want to feed off you to make this the best possible experience." With more DJ performances being announced at arena venues like MSG, the ante gets upped higher every time with the expectations for showmanship, and Prydz is taking a new, authentic view. Get your tickets here.

The show will be streamed live via Sirius XM Radio, and ahead of the show, he'll take to Reddit on Sept 10th at 3pm PST again to answer questions in the impressive, candid way he has famously done in the past.

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