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Falcons, Hoodboi, Promnite & Kittens team up as Athletixx to release All-Stars Mixtape Vol 1

You may know Athletixx by their individual artist names, but Falcons, Hoodboi, Promnite, and Kittens have gotten together to form a new super group. Calling their style "LA Club," the foursome has debuted their new act with a mixtape that seems to be one of many to come. The crew has plans to launch into music and fashion, with All-Stars Mixtape Vol. 1 being the first step. Check it out below, featuring a mix of their own individual work as well as debuting some of Athletixx's future releases.


01) Rico Love - They Don't Know (Hoodboi, Falcons & Kittens Remix)
02) Tory Lanez - Crew (Hoodboi & Falcons Remix)
03) Athletixx All-Stars - Activate Anthem
04) Kittens - Back It Up
05) Falcons - DDB
06) ??? - Drink (Edit)
07) Falcons - Jomanda (DJ Tool)
08) Chris Brown - Loyal (Hoodboi Remix)
09) Patrick Brian - Goldcard
10) Falcons - MyPussy (Skream's Chords Edition<3)
11) MachineDrum - Back Seat Hoe (Hoodboi Remix)
12) Promnite x Patrick Brian - Varsity Dub
13) Sugar Shane - Kill The Bitch (Promnite Remix)
14) Tink ft. Jermemih - Don't Tell Nobody (Falcons remix)
15) Drake - All Me (Hoodboi Edit)
16) Hoodboi - Ready Freddy
17) Falcons x Promnite - Riddim 1
18) Promnite - Hot Like Way
19) Promnite - Waddup Riddim
20) Promnite - Make That Go
21) Falcons - Gossip Riddim



All-Stars Mixtape Vol 1

  • August 13 2014


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