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Win an autographed copy of Deadmau5's while(1<2) [Exclusive]

Love him or hate him, and the majority of people fall into one of these categories, Joel Zimmerman continues to be a mainstay in the thriving dance community. Even between fans, there can be hot contention to which part of Deadmau5's career can be titled "the best", as his willingness to experiment and, quite frankly, do whatever the fuck he wants results in number of distinct eras of sound. Most recently the mau5trap labelhead dropped while(1<2), an album whose creation we again followed through Soundcloud and social media. Jumping from "Invidia" to "Creep" to "Pets", the work traverses entire spectrums of sound and takes listeners through methodic piano reveries, abstract industrial nightmares, and the grinding, melodic productions.

For those of you who want a little piece of history, enter below to win a copy of while(1<2) autographed by the man himself, along with a mini Deadmau5 speaker. You can also get things autographed by sending your stuff to the address listed on Deadmau5's Facebook, but the wait time for could be 4x4=12 months/years/decades....


Win an autographed copy of while(1<2) + Deadmau5 speaker





c/o 119 Spadina Ave
P.O. BOX 96
Toronto, ON
M5T 2T3

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