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Converse CONS Project: NY, LA, Boston and Toronto

Attention skaters, artists, musicians, and anyone else simply interested in stimulating their creative side. 

We just got word that Converse is launching a pretty epic project in Toronto, Boston, New York, and Los Angeles that involves various workshops in the coming months beginning on August 9th in LA/NY, and August 16th in Toronto and Boston. Their first workshop is on Building Skate Structures, which is then followed by Filming Skate Videos, DIY Creative Recycling, In-studio Recording and Mixing, and finally Making and Designing Skate Decks

It's a great way to learn a thing or two about skate culture and immerse in the world of creative arts. April and May of next year will see an exhibition in each of these cities as well. For anyone interested, see their homepage to sign up! 

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