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Aus announces future EP and LP from Huxley

After three successful LP'slast one notably rising in 2009premier label, Aus, announces plans for its fourth full length release. With two albums already charted for Sideshow and one for Lee Jones, Aus now passes the baton to one of house music's most prolific figureheads in the dance communityHuxley.

Closing 2013 with his label debut, Inkwell EP showcased Huxley's lax and sinister forte of house music that meshed perfectly with Aus' aesthetics. Standout tracks like "Long Summer Night" and the record's refined title track carried over a vivacious tone that flowed freely and didn't take itself too seriously. A refreshing result like that has rightfully elicited much excitement on his forthcoming EP, The Machine, scheduled for release July 14th. While the wait is still roughly a month away for the EP's official release, Aus and Huxley have fans waiting patiently with this huge announcement that'll, in fact, be his debut album. With no further information on the LP other than it will be titled Blurred and slated for release in October, keep an eye out for more information by the label as days get closer. 


AUS (1465) The Machine


A1. Callin feat. S-Man
A2. Machina feat. Jack Wilby
B1. Tendered Mess
B2. Oil Spill 





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