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Eduardo De La Calle's 'Beatz' documentary set to premiere at Sonar 2014

Running an estimated 72 minutes, Eduardo De La Calle's three year project , Beatz - Divergences and Contradictions of Electronic Music, is finally readied for premiere at this year's Sonar Festival in Barcelona. A documentary with a prime focus on the histories of electronic music in different cities, De La Calle manages to capture personal accounts and opinions on the dance music scene of yesterday and today. Interviewing an array of fellow DJ's and producers, we hear their own views on the origins of dance music, to the professionalization of the genre, and even discussion on the shift into the "digital era".

Shot in various cities which include Berlin, Tokyo, Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York, and Paris, the outcome reflects one man's passion to clinch a better understanding of countering musical opinions through global perspectives. Appearing in the film are Benny Rodrigues, Marcel Dettmann, Derrick May, Craig Richards, Ellen Alien, Jus Ed, Nicolas Jaar, Apparat, and many more.

Set to premiere on June 12th at Sonar, there will also be an available online stream for those of us unable to attend the event.



Check out the TRAILER HERE.


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