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EDC Las Vegas 2014 Lineup Announced!

It's finally here.  Electronic Daisy Carnival, one of the biggest electronic music festival in North America and the world, returns to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on June 20th.  Tickets went on sale earlier this year, and within a week, with NO artists annoucement whatsoever, both VIP and General Admission tickets were sold out. Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella even penned an open letter to fans, urging us to believe in his ability to deliver the biggest, best artists for this year's festival, while also promising to make the artist announcement today (you can check out our awesome interview with the man here!).

Well, it seems Mr. Rotella has finally delivered and... my God. This lineup is sheer insanity, with many of the biggest names from practically EVERY major EDM genre coming out to play. Undoubtedly, there's someone you would have liked to have seen that probably isn't on the list (I shed a tear for Zedd and Deadmau5 personally...), but with a ton of well-established big names mixed with a TON of new, up-and-coming artists... it's pretty hard to be disappointed.  Again, EDC is looking like the place to be this June. Check out the complete listing below, and GET EXCITED.


Normally, it's around here that I say something like, "So grab your tickets" and post a link to ticket sales... but with tickets are completely sold out. You can still grab tickets from secondary sources like Stubhub... but at ridiculously inflated prices. Maybe Insomniac plans to release some more tickets now that the lineup has hit?  

Yeah... I'm not hopeful, either. 


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