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Dusky launch new 17 Steps Recordings imprint

That' right. One of the most prominent UK production teams have decided to fabricate their own imprint and bring plenty of groove and joy to fans. With a-grade releases already charted for labels like AUS, Naked Naked, and School, it was only natural for the two to gain full control of the reigns and begin releasing music on their own terms. 

The duo declared briefly on their press release - The introduction of 17 Steps feels like a natural phase in our development, and a logical move that enables us to take more control of our musical identity and provide a platform for music by other artists that we believe in - and given their track record of inhibiting an unaccountable breed of music, the beginning of 17 Steps Recordings is quite exciting news.

Set to drop the first EP this July - Love Taking Over - stay posted on more information to come via 17stepsrecordings.com

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