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Eats Everything superfans reveal themselves in new documentary

It's not hard to love Eats Everything. His energy on the dancefloor is insane, his own production work is beyond catchy, and interviews and videos highlight that he's got a fantastic personality to match. We even had the opportunity to interview him at Hard Summer Music Festival last year straight after his set, and he was easily one of the biggest highlights by just being an all around great guy. 

So while it definitely makes sense that he's got some obsessive fans, this video really delves in further into One Direction/Justin Bieber level teenage fandom crazy. Exploring the lives of two super-fans dubbed "eaters," as well as the poor husband of one of those said fans, it looks into the insane world of those who call themselves fans of the man born Dan Pearce. 

Fellow Dirtybird DJ Justin Martin asks, "where do you draw the line?" and he couldn't be more right. Check out the video below to see the inside look in EE's superfans. 

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