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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis issue public apology for disguise

Red-faced Macklemore is publicly apologizing for a prank costume leading to many to attribute anti-Semitic views to the rapper. Most of us have, at one time or another, landed ourselves in hot water for the wrong word choice, ill planned prank or practical joke. We just hope that our character speaks for itself when we apologize for any unintended offense. That affect is often multiplied a thousand times over for public figures and headlines are usually much less forgiving than our friends or family.

On Friday night Macklemore intended to disguise himself so he could dawn a measure of anonymity while wandering through a crowd of fans before taking the stage at a surprise show in Seattle. A fun idea… poorly executed. His costume choice ended up being a large noes and black beard. Before you know it many were angered and offended at him for dressing like a "Jewish stereotype". In his public apology he explains that he based his disguise on what was available and would effectively hide his identity. Hopefully from what people know from his lyrics, the causes he supports and his accepting attitude toward all people along with his well-documented enjoyment for costume theatrics, this scandal blows over quickly.

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