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Made in America comes to Los Angeles Labor Day weekend

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Jay Z is bringing his Made in America Festival to Los Angeles this summer. The official announcement was made at City Hall yesterday afternoon. It was also said that the Philadelphia and Los Angeles festivals will go on simultaneously this Labor Day weekend. Yesterday, Jay made it clear that be created the Made in America festival to bring different genres of music together. He said he wanted to create an experience where "all walks of life and all people can come, and it's in the city and it's not some far-off place that you can't get to — no disrespect to any other festivals."

The festival over the past couple of years has brought together many big time, diverse musical acts including NIN, Beyonce, Drake,  Skrillex, and Kendrick Lamar. I'm sure this years festivals will have just as much fire power as the shows in the past. "We started two years ago in Philadelphia and had huge success and I’m sure we’ll have even more success in Los Angeles" said Jay at yesterday's news conference. I don't doubt it.




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