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Steve Angello releases 10 more free Size Records tracks, gears up for #DECADE Miami party [+ Ticket Giveaway]

Swedish superstar Steve Angello has got a lot to celebrate this year: a successful relaunch of his X label, and more notably hitting the 10 year anniversary of his iconic Size Records among other accomplishments. In honor of a #DECADE of Size, Angello and his team have launched an initiative to deliver fans all of the music of the label for free. Today marks the second installation of that project, with ten additional EPs now available through Google Play. Visit Decade.Size.Net for the full free musical experience.

And from 4 PM to 12 AM on March 27th, we get to celebrate this success at where else but the RC Cola Plant in downtown Miami. In classic Size fashion, the line up of the #DECADE party is one that's consistent with Angello's unforgettable shows in the past, partnering with other artists like Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Thomas Gold and An21 & Max Vangeli, this show will no doubt be extra special in its Miami Music Week appearance. You can buy tickets HERE where they're selling out rapidly, or enter below to win a pair of tickets!

Size 011: Who's Who? - What's What EP
Size 012: Steve Angello - Teasing Mr. Charli / Straight EP
Size 013: Who's Who? - Sexy F**k EP
Size 014: Laidback Luke - Killing The Kitchen EP
Size 015: Shindoe – Phunk EP
Size 016: Steve Angello - Trix EP
Size 017: Who's Who? - Klack
Size 018: Steve Angello – Gypsy EP
Size 019: Sebastian Ingrosso & Laidback Luke - Chaa Chaa EP
Size 020: Who's Who? – Klack EP

The first free release also included the below.

Size 001: Steve Angello – Simplicity EP
Size 002: The Sinners – Sin EP. 1
Size 003: Steve Angello – Strange Fruit EP
Size 004: Steve Angello – Twisted Sense EP
Size 005: The Sinners – Sin EP. 2
Size 006: Steve Angello – Voices
Size 007: Steve Angello – Tool Box EP
Size 008: Steve Angello – Euro
Size 009: Disco Construction – Can’t Get Enough
Size 010: General Moders – Cross The Sky



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