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Be a part of Dirty South's upcoming visual album

More than most any other genre, the dance community possesses the strongest ties among fans and their adored acts. Looking across artists' Facebooks and reading the festival literature from EDC, Ultra and more, one begins to understand that the explosion of dance music in the last 5 years has everything to do with electronic's fervent followers. Being one of the top producers in the ever-expanding scene, Australia's Dirty South knows this better than most.  In 2013 he dropped his debut album, Speed Of Life, alongside the inescapable festival hit, "City Of Dreams", garnering a larger following than ever.  Not content with standard releases, Dirty South has taken it upon himself to do something novel for his next big project: a visual album where his sounds will be set to an entire movie.

But, like with all things dance, the fans are a crucial element. With that in mind, Dirty South wants you to be a part of his upcoming visual album by joining him on the set of the movie. For those of you who can make it to LA on March 10th for a full day of filming, click the link below and become a piece of dance history.


Join Dirty South - http://ptab.it/2yI1C


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