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THE WHOLE TWELVE INCHES - Jesse Rose Competition

A little over a year and a half ago, Jesse Rose came up with a plan: release an album worth of tracks in digestible pieces over the course of an entire year. Thus came the 12x12 series: twelve releases released on the 12th of each month. This enabled DJs and fans to be able to take in a body of music piece by piece, and enabled Jesse to accent each track with a remix, an instrumental, or even an entirely separate track. Now in 2014, Jesse Rose is taking the best of his grand concept of a broken down, bite-size release, rearranging, editing, reworking, and remastering it into a full-length album that pays homage to what an album truly should be: a well-told, thought-out story.

In celebration of the 12x12 series turning into a full album, 'The Whole Twelve Inches," which dropping tomorrow February 12,  on Rose's own label, Play it Down, Rose is hosting a competition for all those inclined to get creative to demonstrate their favorite 12 inches and win a whole slew of shenanigans from the mix master himself.  


1. Post a photo of you with your favorite twelve inches to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

2. Tag @mrjesserose and @playitdown with your post. 

3. One winner will get a twelve-piece grand prize, announced Feb 19th.



The prize, shipped anywhere, is:

1x SIGNED copy of Jesse's new album The Whole Twelve Inches (on CD)

1x FULL DOWNLOAD of Jesse's upcoming remix album The Whole Twelve Remixes

1x T-Shirt

2x 12x12 12" Vinyls

2x VIP entry to any Jesse Rose show of your choice

2x Tequila shots with Jesse at the show

3x @mrjesserose mini Instagram book magnets

**Please keep in mind, your 12 inches needs to be appropriate, no one wants to get kicked off of Instagram for this**

Be sure to snag a copy of  The Whole Twelve Inches out TOMORROW! Check out "The Whole Twelve Minutes Mix" Rose completed in preparation for the album release & Pre-order the album here!

This album is an amazing demonstration of Jesse’s signature sound and his deep knowledge of music through out the house music spectrum. Jesse Rose finds a way to keep his love for the underground music scene deeply inherent in the tracks on this album. After a year of releasing tracks leading up to this album, the final product is a nicely curated collection of Jesse's musical taste and love of music.

The 12x12 singles having earned massive support at clubs and festivals  from some of the world’s top DJs like DJ Sneak, Loco Dice, Joris Voorn, Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Scuba, Skream, Heidi and Huxley, The Whole Twelve Inches is ready for action across the globe as a full entity. Make sure to check the album out and enter the contest to win a slew of awesome gear from Jesse Rose! 



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