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Radiohead release their app PolyFauna

Radiohead has officially launched their own mobile app called PolyFauna. The interactive app takes users to a realm out of this world. Users can move their phone to gain different views of the world's trippy landscape.  You can also draw on the screen of your phone to add your own personal touch to the app. Of course, PolyFauna wouldn't be complete without creepy music to accompany the strange interactive environment.

The English rock band's app was created with help from the UK digital arts studio Universal Everything. Thom Yorke says the app was inspired by Radiohead's 2011 album King of Limbs recording sessions, especially the album's single "Bloom." Radiohead posted this message on thier offical website below:

We have made an app called PolyFauna.

PolyFauna is an experimental collaboration between us (Radiohead) & Universal Everything, born out of The King of Limbs sessions and using the imagery and the sounds from the song Bloom.

It comes from an interest in early computer life-experiments and the imagined creatures of our subconscious.

Your screen is the window into an evolving world. Move around to look around.
You can follow the red dot.
You can wear headphones.

PolyFauna is currently available for both iOS and Android platforms.



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