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Untold announces live show in light of 'Black Light Spiral' LP

After announcing the release of his debut full length album - Black Spiral Light -  due February 24th on his own Hemlock imprint, Untold has teased us to the bone by previewing a couple of tracks off the album. With tracks like "Sing A Love Song" and "Drop It On The One" giving us a taste, it's clear the album carries a floor burning potential with a sonic twist that'll get any analogue nerd jittery from excitement. Experimental at its core (from what we've seen so far), the UK producer decides to launch the album pairing it up with an exclusive Live A/V set-up he'll be orchestrating himself.

We can only guess what exactly that entails, but judging from his track record it'll be loud, moving, and definitely worth the while. Performing the live set in selective (and very lucky!) cities, be sure you don't miss out on this if you and a pal find yourselves around the area.


Tour Dates:

-22 February-
La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Paris
w/ Mount Kimbie (DJ set) / Joe / Randomer

-28 February-
Autumn St Studios, London
w/ 2562 (Live A/V) / Vester Koza / Special Guest

-1 March-
Dekmantel Anniversary, Amsterdam


Listen to "Sing A Love Song" & "Drop It On The One"




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