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Haf Haf turns it up a 'Notch' with this EP teaser

There's not much information floating around the interwebs regarding the Italian Producer Haf Haf. However, we do know that he's just about ready to change the way we think about cryptic sounds, genre, and even the potential of shitty cassette tapes. Debuting with Notch on the equally forward thinking Italian  label, Gang Of Ducks, the many feels of this release will baffle you just as much as it'll spark a new insight on the type of left-field glitch hop induced techno he's compiled for all of us. Check out this short and [bitter]sweet teaser that will surely give you some far-out food for thought.

Also, he's made the release entirely available for streaming - so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take a listen.

Along with the digital release on January 20th, there will also be a limited print of 100 cassette tapes hand stamped and personally numbered.


  1. Ode to U19
  2. Hybrid
  3. Gate Keeper
  4. Fractal
  5. Qwetzal
  6. Flow Node B
  7. Notch
  8. Flow Noda A


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