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Mixcloud Unveils New Web Presence

Our friends over at Mixcloud are shaking things up with their online presence. Today we have a few words from them about the changes that have been made.

"Mixcloud, the world’s leading platform for long form audio, today announces a brand new website, codenamed ‘Mixcloud X’. Cementing the on-demand digital music platform’s vision to connect listeners to the world’s best radio and DJ content in one place, the web platform offers their 10 million monthly users a faster, slicker and more beautiful experience.

Mixcloud X has been redesigned and built from the ground up with key learnings from recent improvements to both the company’s iOS and Android apps.

'From the new customisable Profile pages to the colourful new Cloudcast pages, the site has a beautiful new look and feel, developed with a multi screen strategy in mind.'  – MixcloudChief Technology Officer, Mat Clayton

Better listening experience

A key focus of the Mixcloud X launch is the playback experience, making the service best in class for radio streaming and discovery. The easy to use ‘Play Queue’ feature allows listeners to line up hours worth of shows in a few clicks, creating their own on-demand personalised station. The persistent player offers an uninterrupted listening experience and easy, quick access to the tracklist and controls.

As a platform for music discovery, similar to a ‘Shazam for radio’ and DJ sets, Mixcloud does some clever stuff under the hood by analysing every show uploaded to identify and present thetracklist to the listener.

Long form content

While the rest of the web continues to move towards short-form content, Mixcloud bucks this trend. The platform boasts over 500,000 content partners with uploads at an average length of over 40 minutes with average listen length of well over 20 minutes.

Largest catalogue of radio and DJ content

Mixcloud hosts the world’s largest catalogue of on-demand radio shows and DJ sets – over 3 million shows that range from music to talk radio with strengths in curated music, focused inEDM, hip-hop, jazz, funk and world music.

Mixcloud is for Brands

With the launch of Mixcloud X, the platform will offer newly designed Branded Profiles for Brand Partners. These pages offer brand clients a fully customisable and ad-free page to host their branded audio content. In a world of social sharing and on-demand consumption, content is a growing trend in advertising. Brands are becoming media companies, curating and creating content that their audiences choose to consume. This trend is at the core of Mixcloud’s b2b service, helping their clients deliver engaging music and radio content on the platform.

Mixcloud is free to use across both web and mobile, and the company has developed a unique brand funded business model based around branded content."

Find out more and listen at https://www.mixcloud.com/



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