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Trent Reznor and Dr. Dre to Launch Music Streaming Service

Trent Reznor has announced that , with Dr. Dre and music executive Jimmy Iovine as partners, will launch their own music streaming service called Beats Audio . The service will be up and running this January. People looking to become users can now pre-register until Beats Audio is fully operational. It will be interesting to see how Beats Audio will attempt to compete with stiff competition from Spotify, Pandora, and the recently launched iTunes Radio.

The NIN front man says Beats Audio “uses mathematics to offer suggestions to the listener… [but also] would present choices based partly on suggestions made by connoisseurs.” Reznor also suggests Beats Audio will be the “service that adds a layer of intelligent curation.” Only time will tell if this intriguing business venture will change the way we listen to music.



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