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Midlake Moving Through The Midwest

Antiphon is at once a departure and return to the Midlake brand. Formative lead guitarist and vocalist Tim Smith left during the album’s recording in 2012, and backing guitarist Eric Pulido took the reigns. The love of most listeners began with the first ten seconds of “Roscoe” from Trials of Van Occupanther – the beginning of a Fleetwood Mac fever dream. However, the new sound is a bit more progressive, leaving behind string ornamentation for psychedelic guitar work.

On Wednesday, December 4th, Midlake will continue their move through the Midwest with Sarah Jaffe by performing at the Old Rock House in St. Louis and Thursday, December 5th, they’ll be at Schubas in Chicago. December 7th has them in Kansas City at the Riot Room

These are shows you don’t want to miss.



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