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Nas Produced Documentary Trailer Released [Video]

Middle class America is filled to the brim with the internet. New music, new fashion, new trends, new stars, pouring out like a new well, streaming out of our screens and speakers. With this much output every day, sometimes it can be a little easy to start forgetting that some of the things we love have the power to create an impact and make a difference. 

Luckily, there are some people who hold such deep passion in their hearts and help us remember why some things were so dear to us. In the case of the new upcoming documentary, "Shake the Dust," the people recorded for the film hold hip hop and breaking with such intimacy that it makes Nicki Minaj proposals and Former Disney Star turned twerk queens rather insignificant in the large scheme of things. 

The trailer was released this week and it delves into the hip hop culture of nations going through things most of us can't even imagine, and gives hope that there will be a better tomorrow. Colombia, Cambodia, Uganda, and Yemen, are all covered, so this should be exciting for anyone who'd like to expand their worldly knowledge of hip hop. 

Nas executive produced this film, and is also going to produce original tracks for it as well. 


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