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Madlib's Boiler Room Mix [Video]

Madlib's crate-digger game is unmatched by most in the game; his collection houses some of the strangest, rarest, coolest, and funniest records known to man. Not being satisfied with using the same tired James Brown or Sly And The Family Stone samples that every other producer loves, he has built his career on finding glorious sounds in some of the oddest places, which gives his music a unique and soulful vibe. If you become a fan, don't be surprised to find that the search for his source material has taken over your life. 

Unfortunately, the Beat Konduckta rarely performs in front of cameras or live at all. His occasional performances are always must sees though, especially when he begins to spin the music that inspires his work. This past week he treated fans to a DJ set at the Boiler Room in San Francisco, and it weirdly enlightening. Definitely one to chill rather than go crazy on the dance floor, Stones Throw's main producer's performance was remarkably low key. He played a variety of his own hits and random tracks that he has chopped during his career; some of the songs he played are down right neck breakers, while others were more abstract that Madlib was probably the only fan of prior to his show. He took some serious risks, but it made for an innovative and  creative experience. 

Altogether, it is a dope set, the track listing is ridiculous and he lets the melodies stand for themselves. To be honest, this is not for everybody, but check it out anyways.

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