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Equala Launches Feature.FM

EQuala, known as the first social radio station, is proud to announce the launch of Feature.fm - its new promotional platform that provides steady monetization for music streaming services and additional exposure for artists. Feature.fm replaces audio ads with featured songs, minimizing the disturbance in the listening experience and providing artists with a new channel to distribute their music.

The music industry today is progressing with digital streaming. While ad-supported and subscription services continue to grow, they have yet to generate enough revenue to change the basic principles of their business models. Simply, streaming platforms are just not making money. This is where Feature.fm steps in. By replacing traditional audio ads with featured songs from up-and-coming artists, Feature.fm offers streaming services payment for playing featured songs.

Feature.fm is equally beneficial for artists. Artists simply create a campaign by specifying their target audience (by music taste, age, gender and more), and selecting a pricing package. Their featured songs play in EQuala or other music platforms, based on their selections and availability. In addition to helping artists circulate their music, Feature.fm provides artists with a web-based dashboard, which presents in-depth analytics that help artists better understand their public and gain new fans. Feature.fm introduces a more efficient way for artists to spend their limited marketing dollars.

Overall, Feature.fm seeks to benefit all parties involved. Music streaming services gain a steady monetization stream, artists gain exposure/fans, and listeners gain an uninterrupted listening experience. Feature.fm is a win-win solution and seems to fill the missing gap in the online streaming industry.



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