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ULUV Music Festival [San Francisco]

In an age where festivals have grown into multi-million dollar ventures where one can sometimes feel lost in the tens of thousands of antendees, it’s good to take a step back and remember what the experience is all about: the music and the community it both lives in and helps create. With this in mind, ULUV, a Bay Area non-profit that focuses on supporting local artists and other charities that share its mission, will hold its first annual event at the 111 Minna Gallery and adjacent 100 block on October 26th, 2013. The donation-based event will feature local acts of all genres, who will be playing on two indoor and one outdoor stage, as well as food, beer, and wine from the Bay Area. Right now, ULUV 2013 has an indiegogo campaign going to raise money for the festival and ensure it remains a pay-as-you-can event.

The campaign aims to generate $20,000 by September 20th, in order to cover the administration costs, such as insurance, permits, and essentials like the loos. ULUV 2013 has been fortunate to receive most everything else (sound, lighting, talent, etc.) through generosity, trades, or at-cost. Three charities will receive the donations from the festival: MusiCares, Music in Schools Today, and Bread and Roses.  MusiCares provides basic financial, medical, and dental assistance for musicians in need. Music in Schools Today works to keep sustainable music education in schools. Finally, Bread and Roses delivers music to those in institutions and isolated care centers.

Contribution levels for the indiegogo campaign range from $5 to $1,000.  At $5 you receive a ULUV sticker. At $200 you’ll get VIP access to the festival, which comes with on-stage access and complimentary food, drink, and massage. At $1,000, you’re going on a flight lesson around Napa, along with a private tour of Silver Oak Wineries. Head to the page to check out the full list of contribution benefits, including the many others not listed here. All contributions come with a great amount of thanks from the ULUV team and the community it supports.



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