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Fool's Gold Rap Party [Brodinski + A-Trak Sets]

Miami Music Week sure looked like one hell of a good time. Sandwiched perfectly between the two weekends of Ultra Music Festival, there were spectacular performances by everyone ranging from Skrillex to DJ Craze to the two men of this post, Brodinski and A-Trak, and they have been popping up all over the internet, now that everyone just wants to relive (or experience for the first time) the madness that was MMW. 

Sadly I wasn't there, but I can at least hear some of the  sets they played, courtesy of Red Bull Music Academy, and the (I'm assuming) awesome guesthouse they have over there. Maybe one day in the future I can be in Miami during this week (hey, a girl can dream right?), but since I have some time until I jealously go crazy from not being there yet again next year, the Fool's Gold Rap Party sets for the two esteemed DJ's have been posted online, and at least I can enjoy their musical genius in sunny California to tide me over.

For those that still would like to see a bit more, there are some funny videos from their Tweets and Tumblrs (including some stuff when they all DJ'ed at a Strip Club), which you can see here, here, here, and here... and if that isn't enough, they both have various tour dates all over the world with A-Trak currently in the US and Brodinski in Japan. For those of you that MUST see them together, they are also be performing at LED in San Diego, May 25-27 . 

A-Trak on Twitter 

A-Trak Home Page (via Fool's Gold Records)

Brodinski on Twitter 

Brodinski on Tumblr (via Bromance Records)



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